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Black Friday wrestling gifts: The Ultimate Guide to Wrestling Camps

Looking for something for that wrestler in your family this holiday season? Consider the gift of The Ultimate Guide to Wrestling Camps.

This books has received high praise from high school and college wrestling coaches across the country and author Matt Krumrie has been featured on Intermatwrestle.com, Takedown Radio, College wrestling Examiner, FloWrestling and in WIN Magazine discussing the book. In 2011, Intermatwrestle.com featured the book on its holiday gift list and in 2010, the St. Paul Pioneer Press recommended the book as a must read for wrestling fans.

The book is an educational resource for parents and wrestlers, from youth to high school age. If you are looking to get the most out of your wrestling camp experience, learn how to train to be the best, where to train and how to save money in the process, then consider The Ultimate Guide to Wrestling Camps this holiday season. If you are a wrestling fan who would like to read training tips and stories of what made them successful from wrestling legends like Dan Gable, Ken Chertow, Gene Mills, J Robinson and many many more – as well as top current high school and college coaches – then this book is for you!

As part of this black Friday special, wrestling fans can get the book for $10 – and that includes FREE shipping. This is nearly $10 off the retail price of $19.99. Order today, learn how to train to be a champion tomorrow.

Order The Ultimate Guide to Wrestling Camps

Special Offer: If you are a wrestling coach, wrestling club director or parent looking to help your school with fundraising, consider The Ultimate Guide to Wrestling Camps. Buy the book in bulk at a low price – and resell them at your events – keep the money for your club or wrestling program! Make money and share the book – it’s a win-win! Contact author Matt Krumrie at matt@wrestlingcampguide.com for more details!

Happy Holidays!

– The Ultimate Guide to Wrestling Camps

Black Friday Special: The Ultimate Guide to Wrestling Camps is The Ultimate Holiday Wrestling Gift

If you are a youth wrestler, high school wrestler, parent or relative of a wrestler, or just a fan of wrestling, The Ultimate Guide to Wrestling Camps is the ultimate wrestling gift. And, what a better way to kick off Black Friday and the Holiday season than by purchasing the book for Friday’s special price of $10. This includes FREE SHIPPING and is $9.99 off the original cover price of $19.99.

The Ultimate Guide to Wrestling Camps – featured on Intermatwrestle.com, Flo Wrestling and Takedown Radio – includes interviews, resources and stories on how wrestlers and parents can make better decisions (and save money!) when choosing a wrestling camp or wrestling club. The book offers  in-season and off-season training tips and advice to help you reach your goals. The Ultimate Guide to Wrestling Camps features interviews with Olympians, college coaches, high school coaches, parents and more. Among those interviewed and commenting in the book are Dan Gable, J Robinson, Rob Koll, Lennie Zalesky, Steve Garland, Ken Chertow, Bruce Baumgartner, Roy Hall, Jim Jackson, Wayne Branstetter, Mark Reiland and many more.

The book includes stories of how wrestling greats prepared during their career and how today’s top coaches train today’s elite wrestlers. It includes case studies, nutrition tips, workout plans and advice that can benefit wrestlers from ages 6 to 18. Whether you are a newcomer or an experienced wrestler or wrestling parent, there is information and advice that can help you and your child throughout any stage of his or her career.

Order your copy today, train to be a champion tomorrow!