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How To Pick a Wrestling Camp: Last-Minute Tips to Find The Camp That’s Best For You

It’s late May and you still haven’t picked a wrestling camp. Don’t panic. There is still time to find the camp that‘s right for you. Here are some ways to find the camp that best fits your needs, schedule, goals and budget:

1. Identify a top five list of the camps you would like to attend. Create a camp wish list.

2. From that wish list, identify this:

A. The one that fits your most important goals (improving technique, live drilling, learning from a well known clinician or coach, workout partners, team camp, motivation/fitness and so on)

B. One that fits your schedule – which dates work best for you?

C. Cost – which is most affordable or within your budget for picking a camp?

D. Dream camp – is there one camp you’ve always dreamed about going to – which camp is it? List it.

E. Worst case scenario: If all things don’t work out, what camp is local to you or most affordable that fits your schedule and allows you a chance to get on the mat and train? Don’t undersell the local camp – it can be just as beneficial and more affordable.

3. Next, narrow it down to the three top camps. Eliminate those that don’t fit the above needs.

4. Call the three camps you wish to attend. Talk to the camp director or a staff member. Ask them these questions:

A. Is there still time to register for the camp you are interested in?

B. How many people are signed up at your weight class? Ask to see if there are enough wrestlers around your weight to find good training/workout partners. For example, if you are a big man and there aren’t many big men to train with, how will you benefit? Or, if you are a young wrestler and say, about 90 pounds, will you have kids to compete with or will you be going against older 120 pounders? This is not beneficial to you.

C. Ask who the scheduled clinicians/counselors are for that week. Counselors/clinicians might not make every camp if a camp has multiple sessions. Who will you be learning from that week you go?

5. Review the camp you feel will provide the best value for your budget and register.

If you can’t decide on a camp the best advice is to find one that will challenge you and break you out of your normal routine. There is no need to focus only on your strengths. Find a camp that helps you continue to perfect your strengths, but also helps you develop your weaknesses. If you keep doing the same thing over and over, but are not getting the results you want, try something new.

A new camp could be just what you need to succeed and reach your goals.

And remember, just because your friend or teammate is going to a camp, it doesn’t mean it’s always the best camp for you. This is a time for you to learn, work hard and improve, so do what’s best for you.

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