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Best wrestling camps: How to pick the best camp for your wrestler and budget

How do youth and high school-age wrestlers and their families choose a wrestling camp?

Sure, you can read glossy brochures and pour over detailed web sites filled with impressive lists of big-name clinicians, and incredible promises of exciting outcomes like these popular slogans:

Discover the state champ inside you!”

Become a pinning stud!

Gain the skills that’ll get you noticed by big-time college programs!

Unfortunately, however, for anyone trying to choose a wrestling camp, unbiased, independent information isn’t readily available. Consumer Reports doesn’t provide ratings on wrestling camps the way it does after testing mixers and minivans. U.S. News & World Report doesn’t have an annual “100 Best Wrestling Camps” issue to accompany its annual analysis of best colleges.

And, while independent amateur wrestling magazines and web sites provide rankings of the top high school and college wrestlers and programs, they don’t do the same for wrestling camps.

So, as a wrestler – or parent of a wrestler – what are your options when it comes to finding out how to choose a wrestling camp or other training options?

That’s where the new book, The Ultimate Guide To Wrestling Camps comes into play.

The goal of this new book is to educate and inform wrestlers – and their parents – on how to best choose a wrestling camp and other training options.

The reality is parents spend hundreds – and often times thousands – of dollars over the course of a child’s wrestling career. By reading and using the tips provided in The Ultimate Guide To Wrestling Camps, hopefully those expenses can be reduced – and the camp experience enhanced.