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How to research a wrestling camp: Tips for parents, wrestlers and coaches

It’s that time of the year. As youth and high school wrestlers are gearing up for local, sectional, state and national tournament stretch runs, parents and wrestlers are starting to look towards the future – starting to research wrestling camps.

The talk is buzzing too – at many Saturday tournaments across the country parents of wrestlers are asking:

  • How do you know what is the best wrestling camp?
  • How do you research a wrestling camp?
  • How much do wrestling camps cost?
  • How do I know what camp is best for my child?
  • What camp has worked for your child and why?

Those are just a few of the scenarios taking place. As you start to research wrestling camps, keep these tips in mind:

1. What may work for your wrestlers best friend or closest teammate may not be ideal for your son or daughter.

2. At the same time, going with a few familiar teammates can help a child have a more rewarding wrestling camp – as it gives them someone they can talk to or are familiar with at the camp.

3.  The most common concerns are about:

  • Where is the camp located?
  • How much does it cost?
  • What will my son or daughter learn?

4. Understand the types of camps out there: There are a variety of camps – technique camps, big man camps, father-son camps, camps strictly for girl wrestlers, team camps, intensive camps, day camps, overnight camps, etc.  Each focuses on a different aspect of the sport of wrestling and can help your child in different ways. The best idea is to perfect your strengths and improve your weaknesses.

5. Be ready for a challenge. If you want to get better, find a camp that will take you out of your normal routine or natural element. Going to the club or camp at your local school or with the same coaches/work out partners you always train with is a good way to get mat time. However, sometimes a new environment, new partners and new ideas can help offer a fresh perspective and outlook on the sport.

6. Make it fun. Whatever you do, don’t get burned out on the sport by picking the wrong wrestling camp. By doing your research now you are getting a head start and will in time, make the right decision.

These items and more are all discussed in the book, The Ultimate Guide to Wrestling Camps.  Now is the time to start planning for the summer wrestling camp season. You have plenty of time to make a decision, but remember – it’s important to find a camp that is not only affordable and educational, but one where your wrestler will have a rewarding camp experience – on and off the mat.

Talk to your club or high school coaches, call camp directors, talk to other wrestlers and parents of other wrestlers and most of all, find one that fits your son or daughters needs the best.

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How to pick a wrestling camp: Author Matt Krumrie featured in USA Wrestling articles

The Ultimate Guide to Wrestling Camps is a complete and thorough resource for parents, wrestlers and those looking for more information on how to make the best decisions when picking a wrestling camp. There are numerous factors to consider: Location, cost, training opportunities, competition, speakers, clinicians, type of camp, coaches at the camp and much more.

Matt Krumrie, author of The Ultimate Guide to Wrestling Camps, is also a featured writer for USA Wrestling. Krumrie talks to coaches at the Olympic, college, high school and youth levels on a regular basis and keeps up to speed on the latest news and information involved in all aspects of the sport of wrestling.

Krumrie wrote an article for USA Wrestling on how to best pick a wrestling camp and what factors to consider when picking a wrestling camp. The article was titled The Lowdown on Wrestling Camps and included information such as this:

“It’s important to understand where your child is at in the sport,” says Steve Glassey, founder of the C.O.C Elite Wrestling Camps (formerly Camp of Champions). “Is your child new to the sport and need to focus on the fundamentals? Is he or she more advanced and experienced and at the point where they need to take the next step in development to get to the next level? Would they benefit from the physical and mental training of an intensive camp? How do they need to be challenged?”

The book The Ultimate Guide to Wrestling Camps features information like this and more. Wrestling camps are an investment, not only financially, but also, they are an investment in your child’s wrestling future. It’s not an easy decision, but can be made easier by reading The Ultimate Guide to Wrestling Camps.

For only $10, you can learn tips that can save you money, learn how to train better and become the best wrestler you can through the various tips and advice from the expert sources featured in the book.

Make an investment in your child’s wrestling future today.

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Best Summer Wrestling Camps: How to Pick the Best Camp For Your Wrestler and Budget

A new book that will help educate and inform wrestlers and parents on how to make the best possible decision when it comes to picking a wrestling camp, club and other training options is now on the market. The book, The Ultimate Guide to Wrestling Camps, is for sale at wrestlingcampguide.com.

With interviews, comments and information from over 40 of the most informed and knowledgeable people involved in the sport of wrestling, this book is not only an educational resource for wrestlers, it’s a valuable tool for parents who are trying to learn more about the training opportunities available for their son or daughter. The book provides tips and information for wrestlers of all ages, including youth wrestlers, middle school wrestlers and high school wrestlers.

But The Ultimate Guide to Wrestling Camps is more than just a resource about camps. It provides information on club wrestling,  the combination of MMA training and wrestling, nutrition tips, offseason training tips, camp checklists, case studies and wrestling stories from those who have experience at all levels of the sport of wrestling.

The source list for the book includes Olympians, NCAA champions, All-Americans, college coaches, high school coaches, club directors, camp directors, parents, youth wrestlers, female wrestlers and more.

The author of the book is Matt Krumrie, contributer to USA Wrestling, Intermatwrestle.com, The Guillotine and MatBoss. Krumrie is the former editor of TheWrestlingMall.com and a previous contributor to W.I.N Magazine.

“What I did was take the advice, comments and experiences of those who are involved with camps, clubs and training and coaching wrestlers and turned it into resources and stories that can benefit wrestlers and their parents,” says Krumrie. “Parents spend hundreds and often times, thousands of dollars on a kids wrestling career, traveling to events and tournaments, taking them to club practice, attending summer camp. The goal of this book is to inform and educate and help the parent make the best decision for their budget and the wrestler the best decision for his or her career. The Ultimate Guide to Wrestling Camps does just that”