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How Wrestling Legend Doug Blubaugh Influenced Ken Chertow’s Gold Medal Camp System

The stories are well documented for those who have attended one of Ken Chertow’s wrestling camps. It’s the story of about how Chertow is so involved, so eager to teach and excited to help young wrestlers improve and achieve their goals that he sweats through about two t-shirts a session at his wrestling camps. That’s because Chertow is out on the mat, getting involved with kids, showing them moves, teaching them new technique and right in the mix with the wrestlers. That’s why Ken Chertow’s Gold Medal Camp System has grown to be one of the most successful in the nation and one of the big reasons why Chertow was asked to write the foreword for the new book The Ultimate Guide to Wrestling Camps.

“When it comes to wrestling camps, there aren’t many people who put in more work, time and effort to provide a successful, positive camp experience than Ken Chertow” says Matt Krumrie, author of The Ultimate Guide to Wrestling Camps. “So it was a natural fit to ask Ken to write the foreword. His knowledge, expertise and passion on the subject is second to none. Think about this – there are lots of great camps, coaches and teachers out there, but Ken is one of a select few  – and maybe the only person – whose full-time occupation is coaching and teaching kids at wrestling camps and clinics. That’s pretty special, and having him be a part of the book was a special opportunity.”

Chertow’s segment in The Ultimate Guide to Wrestling Camps talked about his involvement in camps as a young wrestler, when he attended camps by the legendary Doug Blubaugh. The training Chertow received and learned at Blubaugh’s camps helped shape his  philosophy as a competitor and coach and to this day Chertow still applies many of the values and principles learned at a young age at Blubaugh’s wrestling camps. Chertow talks about the importance of not just being a wrestler, but a scholar-athlete. He talks about the importance of succeeding on and off the mat and in the game of life.  He also shares stories about wrestling that any wrestling fan can enjoy.

“That’s what I liked about writing the book,” adds Krumrie. “While the focus of the book is to educate and inform parents and wrestlers on how to best choose a wrestling camp, club or other training options, it also features stories about wrestling from some of the  great people involved in the sport. If there is one thing wrestling fans love is stories about the sport of wrestling and this book features that.”

Here is a segment from Chertow’s foreword:

Ken Chertow has had tremendous success as an athlete, coach and camp director. He is a U.S. Olympian, 3-time NCAA All-American, 3-time Academic All-American, former head coach at Penn State and Ohio State and is now founder of Ken Chertow’s Gold Medal Training Camp System. Chertow’s experiences as a camper, counselor, coach and camp director have enabled him to develop one of the most successful and highly respected camp systems in the nation. Below are his thoughts on the importance of wrestling camps and how this book can be a valuable resource for wrestlers and parents.

Wrestling camps have been instrumental to my development as a wrestler and coach. My experiences as a camper from elementary school through high school, and now as a full-time wrestling coach and camp director have had a significant impact on my career and life.

Though camps are clearly beneficial, it is critical that you select camps that you will benefit from as much as possible. With many camps to choose from it is important that you do your homework when selecting the camps that are best for you and your team. Matt Krumrie has made your research easier by putting together this informative book. The Ultimate Guide to Wrestling Camps is a valuable tool that will help you make the best decision possible for you or your wrestler(s).

Reflecting on my history at wrestling camps reminds me why Matt has asked me to share my thoughts with you. I have been involved with wrestling camps in every capacity. I’ve participated as a wrestler and camp director, teaching and training thousands of successful wrestlers in the process. Throughout my youth and high school wrestling career I attended multiple camps every summer. I would read camp brochures, talk to my coaches and other wrestlers who had been to camps, and then after narrowing down the choices, my parents and I would contact the camps to ask questions and discuss details. I would then choose the camps that I wanted to attend, see which ones fit into my calendar best, and travel to the camps that I thought would benefit me most. We went through this process annually. Though you now have web sites to conduct research and can send emails asking questions to various camps to make your research more efficient, it is still time consuming – but this book will help you save time and make the best decisions possible.

Though I attended a variety of camps, I chose to attend one specific camp consistently every year from seventh grade through high school and that was Doug Blubaugh’s Camp. I connected well with coach Blubaugh and chose to work with him every summer. As an NCAA and Olympic Champion he was clearly a dominant athlete, but he was also an outstanding teacher of wrestling and a no nonsense man. He had a clear understanding of what techniques he wanted the campers to focus on and we drilled them repetitively and intensely daily. He also gave us a camp notebook that was very helpful to retaining and developing the moves I learned at camp. To this day I have clear recollections of learning many different techniques at Coach Blubaugh’s Camp including: Front Headlock Lock Series, Near Wrist Series, 2 on 1 Series, and numerous leg attack finishes and counters. I successfully executed many of the moves that Coach Blubaugh taught me throughout my career at the highest levels of competition. I have also passed along these moves to my students.

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