How to pick a wrestling camp: Author Matt Krumrie featured in USA Wrestling articles

The Ultimate Guide to Wrestling Camps is a complete and thorough resource for parents, wrestlers and those looking for more information on how to make the best decisions when picking a wrestling camp. There are numerous factors to consider: Location, cost, training opportunities, competition, speakers, clinicians, type of camp, coaches at the camp and much more.

Matt Krumrie, author of The Ultimate Guide to Wrestling Camps, is also a featured writer for USA Wrestling. Krumrie talks to coaches at the Olympic, college, high school and youth levels on a regular basis and keeps up to speed on the latest news and information involved in all aspects of the sport of wrestling.

Krumrie wrote an article for USA Wrestling on how to best pick a wrestling camp and what factors to consider when picking a wrestling camp. The article was titled The Lowdown on Wrestling Camps and included information such as this:

“It’s important to understand where your child is at in the sport,” says Steve Glassey, founder of the C.O.C Elite Wrestling Camps (formerly Camp of Champions). “Is your child new to the sport and need to focus on the fundamentals? Is he or she more advanced and experienced and at the point where they need to take the next step in development to get to the next level? Would they benefit from the physical and mental training of an intensive camp? How do they need to be challenged?”

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