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High school coaching legend talks: How wrestling camps can motivate, influence young wrestlers

This is an excerpt from a chapter titled: How wrestling camps can motivate, influence young wrestlers from the new book, The Ultimate Guide to Wrestling Camps:

Coming back from a camp with a wealth of new moves and ideas in your head is wonderful, but it may not be the biggest thing that high school athletes can return home with.

“The most important thing is that when they come back, more than the technique they have acquired, is that they’re really motivated or inspired because that will carry them much farther than the technique,” said Wayne Branstetter, head coach at Poway (Calif.) High School. “I would say that’s probably the strongest thing. When somebody is motivated – this is kind of a general theme in anything, it can be learning the guitar or whatever it is – they can make up tremendous ground when they have enthusiasm and desire and they’re excited and they’re listening and they want to get better, and they spend extra time now and they’re fired up.”

Branstetter – who has coached Poway to three state championships and was named NWCA Coach of the Year in 2005 – has seen his wrestlers return from camps with the opposite attitude.

“If a kid comes back from camp and you don’t see him in the room, he’s trying to stay as far from wrestling as he can get, then obviously that was a failure,” Branstetter said. “That’s a good gauge right there – he’ll tell you. He’ll come back from camp and go, ‘It was awesome, coach. I picked this up, I learned how to leg ride, I learned this little jump and this single, and I can do duck-unders now,’ or whatever it is – you can feel his enthusiasm.”

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