How to research a wrestling camp: Tips for parents, wrestlers and coaches

It’s that time of the year. As youth and high school wrestlers are gearing up for local, sectional, state and national tournament stretch runs, parents and wrestlers are starting to look towards the future – starting to research wrestling camps.

The talk is buzzing too – at many Saturday tournaments across the country parents of wrestlers are asking:

  • How do you know what is the best wrestling camp?
  • How do you research a wrestling camp?
  • How much do wrestling camps cost?
  • How do I know what camp is best for my child?
  • What camp has worked for your child and why?

Those are just a few of the scenarios taking place. As you start to research wrestling camps, keep these tips in mind:

1. What may work for your wrestlers best friend or closest teammate may not be ideal for your son or daughter.

2. At the same time, going with a few familiar teammates can help a child have a more rewarding wrestling camp – as it gives them someone they can talk to or are familiar with at the camp.

3.  The most common concerns are about:

  • Where is the camp located?
  • How much does it cost?
  • What will my son or daughter learn?

4. Understand the types of camps out there: There are a variety of camps – technique camps, big man camps, father-son camps, camps strictly for girl wrestlers, team camps, intensive camps, day camps, overnight camps, etc.  Each focuses on a different aspect of the sport of wrestling and can help your child in different ways. The best idea is to perfect your strengths and improve your weaknesses.

5. Be ready for a challenge. If you want to get better, find a camp that will take you out of your normal routine or natural element. Going to the club or camp at your local school or with the same coaches/work out partners you always train with is a good way to get mat time. However, sometimes a new environment, new partners and new ideas can help offer a fresh perspective and outlook on the sport.

6. Make it fun. Whatever you do, don’t get burned out on the sport by picking the wrong wrestling camp. By doing your research now you are getting a head start and will in time, make the right decision.

These items and more are all discussed in the book, The Ultimate Guide to Wrestling Camps.  Now is the time to start planning for the summer wrestling camp season. You have plenty of time to make a decision, but remember – it’s important to find a camp that is not only affordable and educational, but one where your wrestler will have a rewarding camp experience – on and off the mat.

Talk to your club or high school coaches, call camp directors, talk to other wrestlers and parents of other wrestlers and most of all, find one that fits your son or daughters needs the best.

Get more advice and detailed tips by ordering your copy of The Ultimate Guide to wrestling camps today!